What is WireBig?

WireBig is a networking platform which helps people connect with 60-seconds pitch videos. We offer a unique way to express yourself and best way to influence other participants. It's a venue for online networking events and a great tool to network before gatherings.

Are you member of a Group, Community, Club or Society?

Groups cannot network easily. It's even harder for online groups. It's all about posts, comments and likes. Everyone has a standard profile with written information, not much to differentiate yourself. We put the spotlights on you to pitch yourself in 60-seconds.

Differentiate yourself

Back in 2012, according to Bureau of Labor Statistics there were 1.275.400 Accountants in U.S. It's a tough competition. Getting a job is hard but it's just a start, you need to expand your network and stand out in the crowd with your unique skill sets. Put some stardust on your career by start creating or joining the conversations.

How it works?


You can create an event and empower your name

By creating an event, you can spread your name on social media, boost your reputation in the field, build a following and higher chance of connecting people. Creating an event takes only 1 minute to welcome participants. Fill in the details and get the word out there by sending email invitations and sharing on social media. Each event You will get variety of analysis such as engagement, social media impressions, age-gender-location-industry demographics, top influencers, top networkers and many other analysis which you cannot get in an in-person event.

There are 3 types of events, you can run a public, priced or private event. Public is public, anyone can stop-by and say hi! You can sell tickets for the events and start earning money or hold an event for a cause and donate! You can also get some privacy by creating a private event by;

email extensions: such as your school or company email. Great way to get students or colleagues together.
access code: created by organizer to hand out invited participants which can be printed on event tickets or invitations. A beneficial way of networking participants before big gatherings.
private-invitation: Send email invitations that give privilege only email owners to join and network. Totally Exclusive for close-groups.


Join an event and expand your network

Taking your seat and start networking at an event only takes 60-seconds without even leaving your comfy chair. All you need to do is shoot a 60-seconds pitch video and network! You can connect participants by watching their pitches. We guarantee fun and 63% better results than any other online networking platforms.

There are plenty of networking sites. Give me one reason to join.

Focus groups have shown that WireBig helps parties remember 63% more details of recent contacts than regular profiles or even resumes after 2 weeks. Moreover, 94% of participants revealed that they would remember people they have met through WireBig if they were to meet again, compared with only 17% through regular profiles and it's fun!

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Fastest way to network right

Discover different types of networking events and right connections at each event. Join Networking Events in 60-seconds and start expanding your network.

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Interact with your community

How often do you interact with your social groups? How well do you know about the members? Would you be interested in knowing more about the members? Which ones would be your most valued connections? We know the answers and ready to give.

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Strengthen your connections

We receive tremendous amount of information each day and it gets harder to keep things in mind like new contacts. How much details can you remember about a new contact you had two weeks ago? Wirebig is the best solution to network in online events and makes you remembered in a much higher rate than any other platform.