August, 2016
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2359 Maple Court
Genesee, Wisconsin, 53127

Yacht Buyer’s Guide – Welcome to the World of Yachts

  • Yacht Buyer’s Guide – Welcome to the World of Yachts 

    Ever wanted to own your own yacht? To be able to go wherever you please and own your very own boat that’s as beautiful to look at as it is to spend time on? This is an event thrown by several yacht manufacturers to help those new to the world of yachts to understand the industry and make the right choice for their own boat. 

    Who is this event for? 

    This event is suitable for anyone with an interest in yachts. Pros can benefit from learning a thing or two about their favorite hobby and also get to see some amazing new models. Specifically though, this is intended as an introduction for beginners who are just starting out. 

    Event details 

    The event will include a talk on yachts and how to pick them, the opportunity to mingle and network and the chance to view several boats and make a purchase. Buffet included. 


    8am – Arrive + Meet and Greet 

    9am – Talk: Yachts and How to Choose Them 

    11am – Yacht Showcase 

    12pm – Free Buffet 

    3pm – Close 

    What to wear 

    Smart casual dress code. 


    How much are tickets? 

    Entry is free of charge! 

    What time does it finish? 

    The event is open until 3pm but you can leave any time after lunch. 

    Do I have to buy a yacht? 

    Not at all! But if you do decide to, there will be a lot of great offers available for those new to the hobby. 

11 August 2016

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